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Safety Patrols

The patrollers are trained Grade 6 students who ensure our younger students cross the street safely.


Running Club

The goal of the Caernarvon School running club is to provide opportunities for Grade 4-6 students to develop active, healthy lifestyles and practice proper running techniques. 


Choir and Handbells

Choir: A group of Grades 3-6 students meet and practice on designated noon hours.

Handbells: Grades 4-6 students meet on designated noon hours to practice songs and handbell ringing techniques. Choir and handbells may have the opportunity to sing at school concerts, community senior centres, and other out of school locations. 


Other Extra-Curricular Activities

Badminton, AV Club, Playground Pals, Library Helpers, Annual Talent Show and intramurals are offered at various times throughout the school year. 


After School and Noon Hour Programs

Different programs are organized by outside organizations and are taught by private instructors in Caernarvon School. (Program fees are applicable). Programs we are trying to get instructors for: 

  • Marital Arts and Lion Dance
  • Chinese Dance
  • Erhu
  • Art Classes