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Lunch & Nutrition


At Caernarvon we believe that for the health and well being of students it is best for them to leave the school for the lunch hour. For those families who are unable to have their children go home for lunch we offer a supervised lunch program. Students must bring their own lunch cultlery. There are no microwaves available in the lunch rooms. We strive to be a peanut free school.

Lunch Program

Caernarvon School has a Lunch Program for students who cannot go home during the noon hour. Payment must be made prior to children using the service. This includes occasional usage. Lunch students are required to stay on the school grounds from 12:00 to 12:20 p.m. when classes resumes.

Lunch Room Fees

$34.00 every two months or $170.00 a year - fees are to cover the cost of lunch hour aides in the classrooms and supervising students at lunch hour recess.